The Financial Services Industry
Financial services providers are facing a dizzying array of regulatory and legislative requirements as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. We provide strategic advice for compliance, planning for maximizing business operations and opportunities, and efficiently managing litigation to obtain favorable results for our clients.
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Our attorneys are sharing their extensive experience in critical areas to answer questions and help businesses with a comprehensive response to COVID-19 in the workplace.
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CFPB Issues the 2021 Mortgage Servicing COVID-19 Rule
07/20/2021   |   by Paul Boller, David Gettings
Gurbir Grewal Named as New Director of SEC Enforcement Division
SBA's Restaurant Revitalization Fund Begins Taking Applications May 3
04/29/2021   |   by Richard Eckman, Jeremy Tomes
FINRA Publishes New Annual Report on FINRA's Examination and Risk Monitoring Program
What Banking and the Financial Services Industry Can Expect from the Biden Administration
02/17/2021   |   by Richard Eckman, Paige Fitzgerald
ESG and Corporate Reporting
02/16/2021   |   by Lauren Luptak, Shelli Willis
Managing Dueling Agendas in Banking Regulation
02/12/2021   |   by Shelli Willis
A Look Back at COVID-19 Legal Issues - and a Look Ahead
12/23/2020   |   by Troutman Pepper
Highlights: SEC Division of Enforcement 2020 Annual Report
COVID-19 Headlines FTC's "Green Lights & Red Flags"
11/11/2020   |   by Chelsea Merritt, Timothy Butler
Nonprofit, Multi-Borrower Loans and Other Updates to the Main Street Lending Program
Federal Reserve Adds Nonprofit Loan Facilities and Other Updates to the Main Street Lending Program
Colorado Enacts Garnishment Moratorium in Response to COVID-19
07/16/2020   |   by Alex Teixeira, Ethan Ostroff
CISA Shares Five Ways a Business's Staff Could Reduce Their Cyber Risks
07/14/2020   |   by Ronald Raether, Edgar Vargas
Congress Passes Extension of Paycheck Protection Program
Four Ways to Distinguish Between Scammers and Legitimate COVID-19 Contact Tracers
06/29/2020   |   by Ronald Raether, Edgar Vargas
The Main Street Lending Program Is Officially Open for Lender Registration
President Signs Legislation With Substantial Changes to PPP Loan Forgiveness Into Law
Federal Reserve Releases Additional Information on Main Street Lending Program
Congress Considers Changes to Address PPP Forgiveness Issues
A Primer on Municipal Bankruptcy
05/27/2020   |   by Francis Lawall, Gary Marsh
New Bank Interagency Lending Principles Expand Opportunities for Small-Dollar Lending
05/21/2020   |   by Richard Eckman, James Stevens
FTC Releases Tips to Combat Contact-Tracing Scammers
05/20/2020   |   by Ronald Raether, Sam Hyams
Comment Period Closes on FCC Petition Regarding TCPA Emergency Purposes Exception Related to COVID-19
05/08/2020   |   by David Gettings
What's Ahead for the Leveraged Loan Market
05/06/2020   |   by Deborah Enea, Justin Wood
Overview: Federal Reserve Revises and Clarifies Main Street Lending Program
NCUA Amends Regulations to Support the CARES Act PPP
05/05/2020   |   by Andrew Buxbaum, Nick Ramos
Chapter 11 Debtors Clash With the SBA Over PPP Eligibility
05/01/2020   |   by Deborah Kovsky-Apap, Richard Hagerty
Indiana Supreme Court Limits Creditors' Right to Garnish Stimulus Payments
04/29/2020   |   by Cindy Hanson, Mark Kundmueller
Bankruptcy Asset Sales: A Primer
Indiana Supreme Court Protects COVID-19 Stimulus Checks
04/27/2020   |   by David Gettings, Kathleen Knudsen
Satisfying the "Need" Requirement for a Paycheck Protection Program Loan
The Show-Me State Is Out for Answers: Missouri Sues China, Chinese Communist Party Over COVID-19
04/24/2020   |   by Matthew White, Ashley Taylor
Learning from the Past to Avoid Fraud in COVID-19 and its Aftermath
Proposed Class Complaint Against Zoom Video Tests Newly Enacted California Consumer Privacy Act
Sign of Things to Come: Bank Is Sued in a Class Action Under the CARES Act
Comments to Federal Reserve Main Street Lending Program
PPP Loans and Complying With the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
04/17/2020   |   by Richard Eckman, Mark Dabertin
Italy: COVID-19 Emergency and Businesses' Crisis
CFPB and FHFA Announce Borrower Protection Program
04/16/2020   |   by Mark Windham, Ethan Ostroff
Massachusetts AG Declares CARES Act Payments Off-Limits
04/15/2020   |   by Chris Holinger, Ethan Ostroff
New Bill Proposes Amendments to FDCPA and FCRA
04/13/2020   |   by Tim Bado, Ethan Ostroff
Federal Reserve Releases Details of Main Street Lending Program
Overview of Managing Customer Relationships in Troubled Times
04/08/2020   |   by Francis Lawall, Donald Detweiler
Massachusetts AG Clarifies Emergency Regulation Governing Debt Collection During COVID-19
04/08/2020   |   by Kendall Hamilton Tan, David Gettings
New York Reduces the Statute of Limitations for Recovery of Medical Debt
California Emergency Rule Suspends Judicial Foreclosures
04/07/2020   |   by Elizabeth Briones, Syed Reza
Paycheck Protection Program: Are You Feeling Small and Left Out? There May be an Answer for You
04/05/2020   |   by Christopher Rossi, Michael Temple
What Small Businesses Need to Know About Restructuring Under Subchapter V and the CARES Act
04/03/2020   |   by Deborah Kovsky-Apap, Hugh McDonald
Paycheck Protection Program: New Loan Application, Interim Final Rule Released on Eve of Program Opening
CARES ACT Expands SBA Loan Eligibility for Hotels and Restaurants
04/02/2020   |   by Genna Garver, Wallace Bao
CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program: Latest Details
SBA Affiliation Regulations Impacting Eligibility for Paycheck Protection Program 7(a) Loans
04/01/2020   |   by Christopher Rossi
Minnesota Governor Restricts Debt Collectors from Working in the Office
04/01/2020   |   by Jessica Lohr, Ethan Ostroff
Consumers Report Loss of $5.85 Million Due to COVID-19 Scams Nationwide
04/01/2020   |   by Megan Burns
New Jersey Borrowers Impacted by COVID-19 Receive 90-Day Grace Period on Mortgage Payments
03/31/2020   |   by Joseph DeFazio, Ethan Ostroff
Illinois Offers Guidance to Licensed Collection Agencies Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
03/31/2020   |   by Punit Marwaha, Ethan Ostroff
Supreme Court of Virginia Extends Judicial Emergency in Response to COVID-19
CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program: How Lenders Can Participate
Ohio Representative Proposes Bill to Stop Debt Collection During COVID-19 Emergency
03/27/2020   |   by Mark Kundmueller, Cindy Hanson
Overview of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Paycheck Protection Program
03/27/2020   |   by Christopher Rossi
Despite Contraction, PE-backed Companies Could Weather Credit Strain
03/26/2020   |   by Christopher Miller
How to Report Consumer Loans Impacted by COVID-19
Virginia Governor Announces New Business Restrictions
03/24/2020   |   by Chris Holinger, Ethan Ostroff
FINRA Issues Notice in Reaction to COVID-19 Epidemic
03/24/2020   |   by Stephen Steinlight, Megan Burns
West Virginia Supreme Court Issues Judicial Emergency Administrative Order
Troutman Sanders Strategies COVID-19 Update from D.C. - Stimulus Packages
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Issues Guidance on the Identification of Essential Workers
03/23/2020   |   by Tina Felahi, Virginia Flynn
Eligibility for SBA's Emergency Loan Program for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19
03/20/2020   |   by Christopher Rossi, Michael Temple
Recommendations for Coronavirus-Affected Businesses Seeking Government Assistance
03/20/2020   |   by Callan Stein
Restructuring in the Time of Coronavirus
New York Announces Deferment of Mortgage Payments, Moratorium on Evictions
03/20/2020   |   by Chris Holinger, Ethan Ostroff
SEC Grants Relief to Funds and Advisers Related to COVID-19 Outbreak
03/16/2020   |   by John Ford, John Falco, Theodore Edwards
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The Financial Services Team
Our COVID-19 Response Team includes seasoned attorneys who are well-equipped to handle the challenges presented to financial services clients impacted by COVID-19. Don’t hesitate to contact the leaders listed here, or your regular Troutman Pepper attorney.